Saturday, December 22, 2007

Daily Forecast by FXDream

Date: Fri, 21 December 2007 13:10:05
Resistance levels: 1.4400/1.4450/1.4520
Support levels: 1.4350/1.4310/1.4270
Happy Christmas!!!
EUR/USD has held above 1.4350 first Suport earlier today on thin volumes before Christmas US Core PCE Index came out the same as consensus at 0.2% The bias remains bearish as long as price is below 1.4450 for retest of .4310 lows and even lower towards 1.4270 in mid term First minor Support comes at 1.4350. On the other side, a break above 1.4450 is needed for reversal back towards 1.4520 and 1.4580 .In short term as long as price is above 1.4350 further recovery to 1.4450 is not ruled out later today

Date: Fri, 21 December 2007 13:10:04
Resistance levels: 1.9900/1.9950/2.0000/2.0070
Support levels: 1.9810/1.9740/1.9700
GBP/USD has remaimed below 1.9900 first Resistance over the last trading sessions despite stronger than expected UK Retail Sales numbers We have booked 60 pip profit for the first part and 120 pip for the rest of our Short position. The bias remains bearish for further downmove towards 1.9810 yesterday bottom and even 1.9740 in longer term First immediate Support comes at 1.9810 On the other side, a break above 2.0070 strong Resistance is needed for reversal towards 2.0200 and 2.0280 in longer term First Resistance comes around 1..99
Holding GBP/USD Short at 1.9950,Stop-loss-1.9950( up from 1.9990) ,Take profit-1.9890( 1.9830)

Date: Fri, 21 December 2007 13:10:03
Resistance levels: 113.60/114.00/114.80
Support levels: 112.80/112.20/111.50
USD/JPY has bounced towards 113.50-60 up boundery of the 112.80-113.50-60 previous high range Below 112.80 first immediate Support may cause pullback down to 112.20 and even 111.50 bottom in longer term On the other side, further upmove towards 114.00 over the next trading sessions and even 115.70 in longer term may be seen First Resistance comes in the 113.50-60 region

Date: Fri, 21 December 2007 13:10:02
Resistance levels: 1.1575/1.1600/1.1640
Support levels: 1.1500/1.1450/1.1370
USD/CHF has made pullback towards 1.1500 Support in Asia No change in our view. The bias remains positive for further upmove towards 1.1600 and 1.1650 in mid term and longer term First Resistance comes around 1.1580 yesterday highs . On the other side, first important Support comes at 1.1500 Below reverses the bias for pullback towards 1.1370 stronger one in mid and longer term. We prefer to stay aside for now

Date: Fri, 21 December 2007 13:10:01
Resistance levels: 163.50/164.00/164.60
Support levels: 162.40/161.70/161.20
The Cross has risen further towards 163.50 important Resistance level earlier today No change in our view. On the upside, a break above 163.50 first Resistance again is needed for reversal towards 164.00 and 165.30 previous high in longer term .First Resistance comes around 163.50 now On downside, below 162.40 resumes the downtrend towards 161.70 yesterday lows and 161.20 bottom in longer term

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