Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Date: Tue, 4 December 2007 13:10:05
Resistance levels: 1.4780/1.4850/1.4900
Support levels: 1.4700/1.4630/1.4580
EUR/USD has broken above 1.4710 first Resistance that results in a rapid move towards 1.4780-85 next Resistance area No important fundamental news tomorrow No change in our view. The uptrend remains intact for retest of 1.4900-10 highs and even 1.4965 record highs in longer term A break above the Resistance around 1.4780 is needed for resuming the uptrend towards 1.4850 and 1.4900. On the other side, first Support comes around 1.4700 ahead of 1.4630 yesterday bottom. .

Date: Tue, 4 December 2007 13:10:04
Resistance levels: 2.0650/2.0700/2.0840
Support levels: 2.0520/2.0450/2.0420
GBP/USD has remained ranged around 2.0600 over the last trading sessions Unfortunately, our Long position has been stopped at 2.0620 earlier today with small 30 pip loss . On the upside, a break above 2.0680 first Resistance is needed for resuming the uptrend towards 2.0840 up target. In short term On the other side, as long as price is below 2.0680 ease back to 2.0550-20 area later today and even 2.0450 in mid term may be seen .

Date: Tue, 4 December 2007 13:10:03
Resistance levels: 110.20/110.70/111.20
Support levels: 109.50/109.00/108.30
USD/JPY has broken 110.20 previous Support earlier today, falling further towards 109.50 stronger Support as it was suggested in our previous reports On downside, first important Support comes around 109.50 now . Below 109.50 causes reversal in the bias towards 109.00 and even 108.30-25 area On the upside,a break above 110.15-20 first Resistance area is needed for resuming the upmove towards 111.20 and 111.70.

Date: Tue, 4 December 2007 13:10:02
Resistance levels: 1.1250/1.1320/1.1350
Support levels: 1.1150/1.1100/1.1070
USD/CHF has broken below 1.1250 down towards 1.1160-50 area as it was suggested in our previous report after failing to penetrate above 1.1320 previous high and key Resistance earlier today . Above opens territory for further upmove towards 1.1400 and 1.1450 in longer term First important Resistance comes at 1.1250. On downside, first Support comes around 1.1160 daily lows. Below may ease price further towards 1.1070 over the next trading session

Date: Tue, 4 December 2007 13:10:01
Resistance levels: 162.00/162.60/163.80
Support levels: 161.50/161.00/160.30
The Cross has fallen to 161.00Support and our next target over the last trading session. as it was suggested . The up target remains at 164.30 in longer term First immediate Resistance comes around 162.40 now . A break again above 162.40 is needed for resuming the upmove towards 163.80 highs . On downside, as long as price is below below 162.00 retest of 161.00 and even 160.30 is not ruled out

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