Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to earn in Forex

Forex, where the commodity to be traded is currency, and not stocks and shares, is a trading market which gives its investors, returns in the form of the relative value of one currency exchanged against another. Forex trading is therefore, always dealt in currency pairs with the major currency pairs being Euro/US Dollar (EUR/USD) and US Dollar/Japanese Yen (USD/JPY), to name a few.

And it is with concurrent buying and selling of currencies that the trader hopes to make a profit on favorable exchange rate fluctuations. Exchange rates are always fluctuating, going down as well as up, within seconds and the whole art of trading lies in perfectly foreseeing the trend of the variation between two currencies.

But, how do you make money in such a competitive and incessant Trade market?

Well, here is an example to illustrate how…
Supposing the current bid/ask price for EUR/USD is going by the rate of 1.5027/30, giving you the option to buy 1 euro with 1.5030 US dollars or sell 1 euro for 1.5027 US dollars. Now, if you feel that the Euro is underrated against the US dollar, you would opt on buying Euros, selling your dollars at the same time. So you buy 100,000 euros by paying 150,300 dollars. You can then start analyzing the market, waiting for the exchange rates to rise. One can also opt in for Spot Forex Trading due to its benefits

As predicted, the rates begin to rise and then you decide a favorable rate at which you plan to sell your Euros to get a hefty profit. Supposing the Euro rises to 1.5090/93. Now, to realize your profits, you sell 100,000 euros at the current rate of 1.5090, and receive $150,900. You bought 100k Euros at 1.5030, paying $150,300. You sold 100k Euros at 1.5090, receiving $150900. That's a difference of $600 or in other words, you successfully earned a profit of $600.

Change and fluctuation, in any trading market is quiet frequent and rapid, especially in the Forex market, where these recurrent changes are also influenced by various other world events and factors like oil prices, interest rates and economic conditions. But with all these rapid fluctuations going on, the main aim of any Forex investor still remains on making profit. Every trader is predicting and waiting for the value of the currencies to change in his favor. You can also learn more about the Positions in forex

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